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Strip for 10/20/2001  
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CLUNK goes the hammer on the head of the nail of the point that I was trying to drive home. Sorry. Is anyone hurt?

K, with that out of the way... um, yeah, parking is tough around my apartment. Right now, I have a wonderful spot right outside my door that I got one my way back from grocery shopping last time. But now I refuse to move it. I've been walking around, rather than losing that spot. It's insane, I know. But that spot... it's mine for as long as I need it. And it can't get any better. So if I leave it and it's not there when I get back, I have no one to blame but myself.

This is how I want to feel about a girl.

This is sort of unrelated to the metaphor, but my street is one way and the parking is on the left side. So I have gotten really good at parallel parking on the left. When I park on the right now, it feels incredibly unnatural. I guess if I really stretched it, I could say that it relates to how I act around women now versus when I was younger, but truthfully, I think I'm much better at being myself than ever before.

So... enough of that talk.

Two days ago was my brother's birthday (so, happy brthday, bro). We put a buying ban on him for about 3 weeks before and a couple days after his birthday because he's the sort of guy who buys cool stuff when he wants it. I'm glad that my Apple salary was high enough to put me in the same category, at least for a few more months. Then I'll be poor.

So... what have I been buying for myself? (I have no such ban in effect). Well, I picked up Devil May Cry on Thursday, and I must say that it lives up to the monstrously high review scores it's been getting around the biz. I like the game, because it has a lot of atmosphere, and because now that I'm starting to learn how the designers were thinking, I'm not getting so incredibly stuck like I was in the beginning (My new strategy is: when in doubt, hit things).

Once again, things feel like they're finally moving in my life and once again, I feel that to talk about them here would be akin to shouting a birthday wish before the smoke from the candles has cleared. Fingers crossed, though.