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Strip for 10/24/2001  
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This strip harkens to the games my brother used to play with me before letting me use the computer, or the TV or the bathroom. I wish I had some sort of comeback like Sil does in this strip, but usually I just eneded up going without computer, TV, or bathroom.

This will be the last sprite strip for a while, sine my art tablet just arrived. I didn't have time to work out its intricacies tonight, so I ran this strip, but I should be better acquainted with it tomorrow. My first impressions are that its pressure sensing capabilities don't seem to be that cool, and so the sort of art I'm turning out is very cool in the "shape of the line" but not very cool in the "shading of the line." I ordered this tablet because it was only $25 and I must say... as usual, this episode teaches me that you get what you pay for. But on the other hand, I don't feel like I'm a good enough artist to warrant a professional tablet like the Wacom.

So, I got past a large sticking point in Devil May Cry, and I'm progessing nicely. I am the worst DMC player in Evanston, it seems since the 2 Adams I know both have this game and are on missions 19 and 20, respectively. I'm on, ahem, 9.

Amazon had a 3 PS 2 games for the price of 2 sale going on (coupon 904494) and so I picked up Grand Theft Auto 3, MGS 2 and SSX Tricky. Crafty me: These games are preordered, so they will arrive when they're released and I won't have to do the usual madcap run to EB that I usually undertake when new games come out. Yeehaw! Also, this should limit my game buying a little, since I'm still recovering from Time Crisis 2 and Devil May Cry.

My best friend from childhood mocked me tonight at a bar in front of some pretty women we were having drinks with. I was talking about getting carded buying videogames and he said, "Now your first problem was that you were buying videogames." Now I know that he enjoys the odd game of Gran Turismo 3 as much as anyone, so why the disprespect in front of the ladies? I think that videogames will have hit their full pop acceptance when we can discuss them with women. Or I need to find girls who play videogames.

Know any?