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Strip for 1/2/2002  
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K, here we go. Year 1 is over. If I were an incredibly motivated person, there would have been a new site design. There'd be new art, and toys, and banners, and buttons, and a myriad of new Scrubs joy. But I think it's almost fitting to welcome the new year in much the same way we entered the first, with the classic page design, some stick figure art, and me typing.

What is different is you. We went from a handful of readers, known to us in real life, to 1000 loyal readers and a lot of one timers. And although this is the part where I'm supposed to say that we don't care how many people read, I will instead be truthful and say that if we still only had a handful of readers, I'd be a lot less motivated to apply steam to brain and mouse to mousepad in order to work on Scrubs. But that's not how it turned out, and so I'd like to thank you, for reading my words, for looking at Sil's drawings (for 1/2 the year), for passing the link on to your friends, for not running like mad when the stick figures started, for your kind emails to both of us, for your IM conversations, for your guest strips, and for your bookmarking. For your interest in a version of me, Sil, Rick, and Lia.

I don't want to get too sappy on ya. I just want you to know that we care, we really do.

I'm not sure where Scrubs is going this year. All I can say is that it will continue for as long as it's fun to do it. No matter how busy life has gotten, Scrubs has always been a priority and a responsibility, but also a happy biweekly lift.

As for non comic related blurbing, Sil is moving into the apartment tomorrow, and I'm returning on Saturday. I'm quite excited.

New Year's Eve was the final celebration of our New Year's Group. Comprised of friends from both college and home, linked in a veritable spiderweb of interperonal connections, the group traditionally trades off cooking duties for the evening. The first year, Rick and I cooked for Calista and her best friend. The next year, they and another girl cooked dinner for Rick, Jason and I. This year was a larger group and in my last blurb I said I wasn't totally excited. Well, the actual evening went great. There was no drama (yay!) and the food turned out well, except for a slight charring on the underside of my tenderloin and a few minor details. After dinner entertainment was Cranium, followed by the longest Hearts game ever. By the end, as the buzz slowly wore off in the wee hours of the morning, people were just taking heart in order to end the game, it seemed. The evening ended so late that Jason and I missed our New Year's Morn 6:30 AM George Webb's run, but we went New Year's Night, so I guess it wasn't a total break in tradition.

Oh, and speaking of last blurb, I promised new Sil art, right? Heh, this is why I don't make resolutions. I hate breaking promises.

Final note, I'd like to give shoutouts to the superfans. Albert, Mitch, Bro, Kutch, Farman, JittaCat, Kiba, Ris, Scipio, Joyce, Kid Sinister, Aric, Gilder, you guys rock. Also thanks to all the real life people who inspired these strips. I know I'm forgetting people, but it's really late, forgive me.