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Strip for 1/5/2002  
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Line art continues, please bear with us. A scanner icky delayed the new Sil art, but I've seen 2 frames of it and it looks sweet. So think of this as your last little bit of diet before the smorgasbord begins.

As for the content... Sil did move more stuff in today. And I came back down to school. We're still sharing one set of keys since the random roommate from last quarter is mailing his set back to us. When he lived with me, I kept apologizing for things in the apartment, almost as if I were responsible for the squealing radiator, the insufficient power outlets, and the lack of a couch. See, he really did us a favor by living here, so I tried to keep him happy with videogames and food and such. But we always treated it as a temporary arrangement, so he didn't move in much, and actually, come to think of it, neither did I. Now that Sil is here, I still sort of feel responsible for the state of the place. So much of it is just inertia. Things gravitated to a place and if nothing else needed to go there, then that thing would stay there. And when Sil kept asking if things had a purpose in the odd places they ended up, I really had not much of an answer besides a shrug and a nod to the power of that wacky force, inertia.

I was looking for a floppy today for Sil to use to transfer a file (her Ethernet dongle is missing in action). Wow. Floppies are dead. Even Zips seem pretty dead. The floppy I finally found was from my UPS. Then the scanner icky happened (error at 00000000h) and the floppy was not needed anymore. Now it sits on the coffeetable, feeling like the understudy fully made up, ready to save the day, only to see the play cancelled.

I was an understudy my freshman year in high school. The musical was Strike Up the Band. I was the romantic lead's understudy. I never expected to be called upon. Then, during a dress rehearsal, the guy in the role, a guy I admire greatly and aspired to be one day, had a snit fit over the bowing and stormed off stage. The priest who doubled as our director blinked twice, and then said in a clear voice, "Who is the understudy for the part of Timothy?" All eyes went to me and I felt my stomach drop. I mean, I would have loved the part, but how could I do it to my idol? Extra rehearsal was scheduled for that night for me to get into the part, and I worked at it for that night. In the end, he came back and apologized and all was well, and heck, it wasn't so bad, I got to bond with the seniors in the cast during the extra time.

K, bedtime. I have to drive my bro to the airport. He's going to Macworld. Lucky duck.