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Strip for 1/12/2002  
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Ah, the wee hours of the morning, waiting for a strip from Sil. It's all coming back!

K, this stirp is about a lot of things that I'm not really comfortable generating text about (look at Strip Kip! He's SO uncomfortable too!). So I won't. Let's just say that though this strip was written pre Sil's Spain trip, it's relevant now. That's so interesting how some strips stay fresh.

My personal life... let's not talk about that. Or Sil's personal life. Let's leave all that up to the characters. Enjoy, you crazy drawn kids.

Speaking of Pictionary, I played quite a few board games over winter break. When I first tried the game, Cranium, last year, I thought it was just so so. I'm a little more a fan of it now that I've played it with people I know well, which is the point. We also played this Pop Culture game, where we proved that my dad is a board game hustler ("I know nothing about pop culture, oh wait, I'm going to win 4 questions in a ROW"). Finally, a bunch of us played Trivial Pursuit Genus 5 at Rick's house and we proved that it's not how much you know, it's whether you can stay awake.

Before I forget, happy birthday to cousin Mitch. Her b-day was yesterday, but we don't update on Fridays. :-)

How creepy is this idea for a company? Thanks to bluesNews for the link.

How stupid is this "Is your son a hacker?" article (I'm late to link it, but it's still hilarious). Thanks to DaveW for the link.

I saw the Mummy tonight on DVD. Never seen it before. I had low expectations, and it actually exceeded them! I saw the Mummy Returns last year and thought it was terrible. This one was much much better.

I'm trying out for ComedySportz in a month. I hope I get it, or else, um, next year's year off to do improv will be pretty slim on the doing improv side of things.

Speaking of improv, here's an interview with a lady who taught me a lot.

Lots of links and little commenting... I must be tired.