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Strip for 1/9/2002  
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Remember how I derided Hallmark sentimentality in the Xmas verse strip? Well, heck, I'm a big ole softie, you know that. Mmm, hugs.

Sil is busy assembling her room to proper specifications. In the meantime, I'm writing. I really am amazed. I was starting to see myself as my stick figure. If you miss the figures, well, look at the masthead or at the archives...

A bunch of people emailed about the last strip saying, "So, you're getting curtains, huh?" Cheeky, you.

The apartment is warmer, and this isn't a cheesy "friends warm your heart" sort of thing. The boiler has been placed on almost permanent duty, making my room actually a temperate zone. Will wonders never cease? I only sleep with 3 blankets now.

I saw the Royal Tenenbaums this weekend. I know some people are saying that they preferred Rushmore and in the sense of pure enjoyment, I think Rushmore is more enjoyable. However, Tenenbaums was much better than all the movies I saw over break with the exception of Lord of the Rings. Granted, this wasn't hard to do. I really want the soundtrack to the Royal Tenenbaums now, since it's very Rushmore like.

I'm in a storytelling class. As I was told recently that I speak in monologues, I think that this class should fit me quite nicely.

So, as I type "2002" all over the place, I ruminate. This is a palindromic year. Last one was 1991, next one isn't until 2112. Heh, imagine the sort of kid I was to sit around playing with palindromic numbers in my head. Yup, that geeky. Do these numbers mean anything? Nah. Well, I used to add palindromes on my calculator, looking for cool patterns, like 23432 + 98889 and things to stay awake in algebra. Ubergeeky.

But hey, that's me. I'm to terms with it.