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Strip for 2/20/2002  
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Sorry the strip is freakin' late. Sil is currently passed out from exhaustion on the couch. I am recovering from mild bouts of depression following getting rejected by ComedySportz and having a spat with a friend. The two are sorta interrelated, since it was my mood swings which caused the spat. So anyway, the strip is late, we apologize, but not enough to date the strip properly, which would be 2/21/2002. No way. 2/20/2002 is way too cool to type.

So, yeah, I didn't get into ComedySportz, or even get called back. It was entirely my fault for not feeling the juice during the audition. I went up and did some truly realistic scenes, or at least I attempted to. At no time did I think to myself, "Hey, this is an audition for short form, I may want to use some of those joke techniques instead of going for relationship." Nope, I barreled on through, giving no thoughts to making any jokes and so gave no thought to making any of the auditioners laugh. Sigh. Not my best work. I'd probably be a lot more upset if they had seen my bext work and hadn't called me back, but who knows? I wasn't in the best of moods last night, even though I got some news I'd been waiting on for a while (sorry, personal).

So the upshot is, I now have a set of headshots. Yay. See my mug. Watch me pose. Make Kip wallpaper. Show to unattached female friends. Jason took these right outside my apartment in about 20 minutes with his digital camera, and I was impressed with the output.

Wouldn't it be great if charisma pills actually existed? I would've loaded up on them before that audition, and probably before dates, and interviews. Heck, why wouldn't you want to be on charisma all the time? When I was younger, I used to imagine that my brother had somehow found some substance to make him somebody that people wanted to be around. Something that made him wittier, smarter, more mysterious. It was a harsh realization to see that in life, some people have it, and some don't. I think I've got a smidgen. Just wish it wouldn't hide during auditions.

K, no more talk of auditions.

Farman and Slonie sent this link to a spiff lego movie.

I'm currently reading Black Hawk Down. It's really hard to follow! I can see why the movie seemed to disjointed as well. The author also spends time making the Somalians real people, unlike the movie. Speaking of books, there's a new one out that I want to read about this guy who parks. That is what he likes to do. It's called Tepper Isn't Going Out by Calvin Trillin.

Speaking about Amazon, my digital camera I ordered won't be coming for another 2-3 weeks. Argh! I'd cancel the order and get other stuff, but I lost the gift certificate form, so I don't have the numbers. Stupid, huh? Oh well, this will a) make sure I finally get a digital camera and b) teach me patience or c) annoy me so much that when it finally comes, I'll not use it.

Geek report: I made the leap from Fire to Adium for my instant messaging needs. I have no people on ICQ anymore, which is why Proteus was not part of this shootout. The deciding factor in the end wasn't so much features and just cleanliness of the interface. Fire has spiff translation and gpg support, but at the end of the day, Adium feels better (and its icons are SO cute). And its log viewer beats Fire's (although Proteus' log viewer reigns supreme).

Sil woke briefly to ask "What's up?" and then she went back to sleep.

So should I.

The weekend strip will probably be up on Sunday, since this one's going up on Thursday.