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Strip for 4/17/2002
This is the first strip in a storyline
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Look at us starting a new storyline. Three in a row. I blame it on an idea that grew too large for one strip, even one extended beyond 4 panels. An idea which should carry us for the next 2 weeks... Some may remember my earlier complaints about storylines, but that was back when I had a much harder time writing them. Not that this one's completely written yet, but I think I'm learning how to stretch my ideas or use one main idea to say a bunch of smaller things.

So this is our storyline and we hope you like it.

It seems that having a cool apartment is enough to make us popular kids. Random strangers keep appearing and talking to us as if they like us. They come in, see the place, ask the same questions, and go. We don't mind. It's nice having all this apartment stuff wrapped up for myself already, and I want to inform them so that they can enjoy the place as we have this year. And, I'm going to sound like such a sleazeball, but some of the prospective renters are cute. One of them even recognized Magnetic Fields playing in the CD player. I know, I know, should've tried to ask her on the spot, but the super and her roommate probably wouldn't have been too keen on that. So now I'm waiting for the Hand of Fate™ to help me run into her again. But really, I'm waiting for the Hand of Fate™ to do lots of things.

So in the meantime, I keep busy by directing improv. Lots of improv events have happened, which in a more perfect world would be detailed at this page. First off, my group, who now call themselves "Big Texas" and the second year House team performed at what is officially the weirdest place Titanic has ever performed. It was at this art gallery for Bridge Magazine's 4th Issue Release Party. We walked into a room full of mid twenties and thirties people who obviously thought they were not in the Midwest. They were dressed to kill in funky neochic wear, or vintage. The main attraction of the night was not us, but a group of wild animals who'd been domesticated, like this 75 lb gator, a snake, a kinkajoo, a Japanese fox, and a Siberian bearcat. My group did their best, but it was ultimately a losing battle. These people were too busy talking about themselves to sit and concentrate on long form improv. I'm not sure if short form would've gone over better, since the audience just sorta filtered away to smoke and talk. But hey, we got paid for the gig.

The weekend was spent doing publicity for Monday's show and so I spent most of Sunday at the Rock, guarding it. At night, we painted it. The theme: a "Big Texas" sized asteroid was to hit the next day. So, this is the first time, in my memory, that the Rock was painted to look like a rock, albeit one with flames. The next day, we took shifts standing next to the rock with a sandwich board proclaiming the end of the world from this "astroid." They wanted to spell it "assroid" but I still have some control over them. Publicity went well, because we had a nice sized crowd for our show Monday night.

It was so hot in there Monday. Big Texas was a huge hit and I was so proud of them. My new ego flaw is taking too much credit for their success, but they're like a rocket and I'm just holding on to them as they rise, hoping some for some of their pure white light to shine on me. Being around them so much this weekend brought back memories of my own freshman year, staying up at the Rock and chalking and flyering and how special it all felt. Is it better now? Sure, I get to teach them, and watch them knowing that I taught them. But they get to experience it all for the first time. It was so hot in that hall on Monday, but they pushed themselves so hard and rocked the audience.

Why is it so hot? Did someone somewhere hit the "Skip Spring" button on Chicago's weather program? I hate wearing shorts, because I feel my knees are knobby and my legs are unnaturally hairy, but hey, I was at this party tonight and Mark told me that all guys had to be half naked and I gladly complied. Until I was walking down the hallway and heard, "Hi Kip" from outside the other door. It was Tech Girl. I ducked behind the door and expressed my embarassment, especially since there weren't any other shirtless ones around at that point in time. I feel like the next time I see her, I should be in a tux, even if it's on the beach, just to atone.

I guess I should be doing pushups too, in case I ever get caught shirtless again.