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Strip for 4/20/2002  
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Sorry the strip is late. I was at home on Saturday for my niece's 1st birthday, and then once I got back to Evanston, I helped my brother take apart his dining room table and then went out for Sheila's post MCAT celebration.

So, all in all a busy day.

This strip probably is a little less true in these economic doldrums. Sophomore year, I used to tell them I was a looking for internships and they'd tell me to come back when I was graduating. Last year, when career fairs still had the semblance of offering jobs and not internships, I could mention "Java" and immediately get my resume into a different pile. I haven't gone to a job fair this year, but my friends who go say that juniors looking for just internships are in high demand (cheap, short term labor) and graduating people just get sympathetic smiles.

I'm doing a lot of my job search online, but I haven't really jumped at anything yet because I don't want to apply and then tell them I can't start until July (or August, having a month off would be nice).

The new anime here in the apartment is Trigun. We watched the first DVD and while it's so far not as good as Cowboy Bebop, it's got its own charm. Favorite exchange: Meryl (to Vash): "You're the easily deceived type who sleeps on a tear-soaked pillow." Vash: "Dream wrecker."

I mentioned my niece's b-day party before. I got her a bead ball, which is a bunch of wires shaped into a ball with beads which run along them when the ball is twisted and turned. I went to the register with my bead ball and the guy asked me if I needed any batteries. I gave him such a look... I chose the bead ball because I figured that Kaylin had enough toys that sang and flashed. I'm sure if she takes to the ball, my sister will be really grateful, unless the way she play with the ball is to bash it into furniture loudly or something. Anyway, after the opening of all the presents, Kaylin immediately went to play with the packaging, leaving the adults to amuse themselves with the toys. I have photos and movies captured on my Elph showing doctors who hold the lives of patients in their hands every day puzzling over the correct operation of a Fisher Price Sesame St. Magical Moves Keyboard and the Magical Musical Fingerpaint Set.

Fisher Price is the Microsoft of the young toy world.