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Strip for 7/3/2002  
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So, today's strip might not be that funny, and it might be late, but that's because it's completely true. Yup, I'm the proud owner of an inch and a half blister on my left index finger (and I'm left handed) which makes it impossible for me to bend my finger or write properly. But, no, I'm not whining.

Summer camp goes well, despite my new disability. I've never been in a real teaching position like this before. I think I'm handling it well, although this week was much easier than the ones upcoming. I'm really impressed with some of the games that the campers made with Stagecast. I downloaded it back when it was called Cocoa from Apple, but I never used it. It's funny that I appreciate it much more now that I'm out of its target audience. I'm thinking of recreating the Tank Combat game in Stagecast, just to see how easy it will be.

The thing about summer camp is that I feel vaguely imprisoned. We get up at 6:50 and go the whole day until about 11. Counselors get one or two nights off a week, but having to get up at 6:50 again the next morning really cramps the possibilities. I'm even on duty while I sleep, if a camper gets homesick and wants to talk, or if I have a nightmare about being asked an endless array of questions by a chittering group of 10 year olds.

I also feel cut off from my friends, even though I'm just three blocks away. The schedule keeps me pretty incommunicado. My first weekend's coming up, so hopefully I can stop talking in my "talking to a 10 year old" voice before I hang out with college age people again.

But these challenges are probably good for me.

I'm actually more active here at camp than I expected. We play frisbee, Cats and Yaks, Spud and kickball twice a day. This is so the kids won't melt down in front of the computers. I might actually be in shape by the end of this whole thing.

It's strange being in charge. I'm the lead instructor, so that means that I am responsible for things when the director's not around. I think it's bringing out a different part of me, the version of me that Jenny and Sheila say I become when I cook. Being looked up to is nice. It's vaguely like directing the improv group, except I really have a lot of control over camp, while I'm more of an advisor to the team I coach.

I'm way too young to think about this, but this week makes me think that I can handle being a parent in the future.

Until I get frustrated with a kid who won't do his project. Then the fear comes back.