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Strip for 8/31/2002  
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So, the move to 614 has begun. The long sordid tale is at the new blog up on Kipworld. Short version is, I got kicked out of my old place on Saturday unexpectedly and had to rely on friends to get me out of the predicament. We moved all my stuff onto 614's back porch, as my room there is not currently empty. So now I sleep on the couch and I have to run out to the porch when I get dressed in the morning.

This strip got delayed as a result.

Yeah, Sil and I were messy. Really messy. There'd be times when I'd go back to the old place and just feel itchily pressured by the clutter. You know that feeling? I realize that I can't live as freely in 614 as I did in 816, but at least I won't have that feeling. My mess will be in my room, localized.

Mira was in town this past week for Americorps training. She was out at the airport for it so I would go out and rescue her at night. I think I drove to the airport 14 times. That's like 7 hours of driving. No wonder I'm currently feeling so twitchy at the though of operating an automobile.

Moving means parking by a lot of dumpsters so my car currently has a mild unpleasant odor that I'm hoping will gradually bleed out of it.

I had to talk to the landlord today about when the apartment would be cleaned. He's the creepiest man alive. He doesn't smile. His facial structure is such that his features look unnaturally smoothly stretched out. He told me that I looked tense and that I shouldn't feel guilty for expressing preferences like the time when people are going to clean. I told him that there was nothing he could do that would lessen my tension (I really just wanted to leave the office) and he just smiled, as if to say, "There there."

I've been sized up by a few of the new neighbors. I want to make a T shirt that says, "Graduate hanging around post graduation. No, I don't have a job yet."

Sorry if I sound edgy... Really, there's nothing you guys can do to remove it. Once I'm moved in, I'll be a much better person.