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Strip for 9/7/2002  
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Strip Kip's going through a bit more strife than I did when I got my network adapter. I went to Best Buy on Tuesday, found out it was unavailable still. So I went the next day, still nothing. But I remembered that there was a Circuit City that just opened up down the street. I went in, expecting the worst. A guy came up to me asking to help and I told him what I was looking for. He made some noises of being not sure and I walked around, waiting to be disappointed. And then he put one into my hands! I was so... happy. And since I wasn't expecting it, it was so much better.

I didn't get to actually plug in the adapter and try it out for a long time, since I was doing other work on the apartment. I'm proud that I made it all day without twitching too much. Once I started playing, I got really waxed in SOCOM online. I also tried playing Frequency online, which I really appreciate. See, when I got the game, I thought that Sil would really get into it and play with my, but she said it got boring to play. So I never had anyone to play with. Now I have the world to play with, which really only equaled 30 people yesterday afternoon. But from 0 to 30... this is quite a large increase. I played one game witha newbie and I beat him by several hundred points. But then I met two guys who wanted to play on Expert mode and they rocked me hard.

After a week, I'm finally fully in the apartment. I'm actually quite well ensconsed in my new place. My room is pretty spiff. I have my computers set up, sound system up, bed is comfy (I'm glad to be off the futon). I don't have an air filter, oh wait, I do. It's my nose. I wake up in the morning and have to blow my nose continually to be able to breathe. I don't think it's allergies, I think it's sawdust from when we installed my shelf.

We're going to the Guiness Oysterfest tonight. We get to bartend for charity. Very cool stuff. Plus, oysters! I'm excited. You can read up on that on Kipworld tomorrow.

Sil should be back in town soon. I haven't heard from her in a while, actually. Anyway, I have her winter jacket still from when she moved out of 816, so I'm pretty sure she'll see me while she's here.

I'm totally the Yan Can Cook of the house now, although I cook unhealthy stuff. Jenny thought my spaghetti sauce was a wee bit meaty, but hey, she ate it. I'm happy to be cooking instead of eating out all the time. Gives me something to do while looking for a job.

I looked through the classified section of the Reader. I found 3 computer developer jobs. Three. That's just sickening. I found this other gig: acting in a touring production of Aladdin that tours elementary schools nationwide. I remember when I was in 6th grade and Aladdin came to our school. It was the coolest production. Anyway, I'd be on the road from now until Dec 8th... I'm not going to do it, but it's cool thinking that I could if I wanted to...