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Strip for 1/13/2001  
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This strip involves something I promise to use sparingly: meta humor. You know, humor about the characters knowing that they are characters in the strip and perhaps talking to the creator, etc etc. Real Life uses this a lot and while it works for them, I'm not sure if it's really the Scrubs style. So, why then, did I write this? Well, slugs are fun for me to draw. See, Scrubs strips usually start out as stick figures and crude panel layouts by me which are then lovingly rendered by Sil. I've drawn slugs for a long time, either in the margins of school notebooks during class or church bulletins during church. And so... slugs were asked for here.

As for the setup, here's some background. Sil and I went running together just twice in the two years we've known each other. We ran together during New Student Week and then once when we were on vacation. Since then... nothing. I used to really enjoy running when I was a wee high schooler (I'm still sort of wee, I guess). When I got to college, I had no time for it. Sil would ask me to run, but freshman year she always seemed to catch me right after I ate or when motivation was lacking. And by the time the year ended, it'd become a sort of joke between us. I tried swimming with my brother a few times last year but that also dropped off.

So how do I keep my svelte figure?

Trade secret, my friends. Trade secret.

Final site note: there's now scrubble! Scrubble is our weblog. Yay.