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Strip for 1/13/2001  
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We have a special guest writer for today's Scrubs strip. And her name is...Sil! That's right, I'm slowly invading Kip's territory.  The fateful day will come when I will have completely and subversively conquered all aspects of his brainchild, thus reducing him to redundancy. (insert sonic maniacal laughter here).

Really, though, this is a rare event.  After this, I will quietly retire from my brief phase as webcomic writer to the safety of art and all will be well again. I just thought you'd all like to know who to direct all criticisms to, so that my friend Kip will be spared any unnecessary pain.

tangerines and porpoises,

This strip proves that Silvan doesn't really need me and I'm just freeloading off her artistic and now writing talents. :-)

Anyway, I laughed when she sent this to me, so laugh too. She really does this much stuff in a day. I admire her for it since I can barely do my problem sets due the next day, much less next week. About the only project I can do on time is this site.

She's got a blurb coming correction, blurb is now here, but I thought I'd put the comic up ASAP for our loyal fans. You know who you are. And you know that we love you.