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Strip for 1/17/2001  
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You may have noticed that the strip was posted at 12:00 AM, EST. Even though everything Scrubs related is CST (except for the server). Why you ask? Well, just as Silvan needs her sleep in this strip, Kip needs sleep. Now.

Notice how it's marked "#1"? That's right... it's the first in a series. Well, a series of 2. But hey, that's still a series! Take that, BC Calculus!

Anyway, enjoy the strip. How cool is the shading? Super cool? Mega cool? I can't even begin to quantify the coolness.

Regarding the subject matter... Sil had to live with me for about a week last year while her computer was dead and papers were due. I had mostly engineering classes at the time so I was pencil and papering it, with some help from the TI-85. So anyway, I got to see her a lot in sleep deprived mode. She really really likes to pull all nighters. Just ask her.

I've been battling this mutant killer death sniffle for the past few days. I think it's finally on the way out but just before it goes, it's latching onto my throat and turning me from tenor to bass.

Final note... I'm trying to set up a Scrubs mailing list so that you lucky folks who can't remember Wed/Sat can be reminded of when we update. Also, for those of you super fans (big shoutout to Albert Lam), being on the mailing list will let you know the second we update. We love you, Albert. So, more info on the mailing list coming, hopefully it'll get set up by the weekend. Maybe next week.

Finally, Sil'll blurb it up sometime of her own devising. Until then...


sleep. good. mug.