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Strip for 3/3/2001  
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My reign of the blurbs continues!!! Mwahahahaha.

The strip's going up early because I'm not sure when I'm going to be back tonight. I really need to build the little server application required to update the strips soon. Or something.

Meanwhile, back in Scrubs storyland world... there's a strip that need explainin'. As you can all tell, I like being around Sil so much. I'm not sure if she gets the same profound joy that I do, just being in the same vicinity as her. That's real friendship, right there.

For example, the other night, she came by to read a book that she had to write a paper on the next day. I was busy goofing off with the aforementioned No One Lives Forever. Looked back where she was lying and she was passed out sleepy. Yet it was comfy just knowing she was around, if I needed advice on whether to plug the enemy guard on the left or right first.

She, um, didn't finish the book in time.

More fun fun... it finally sank in with this latest strip (which makes 20. TWENTY.) that we are actually doing this thing. Like there's a product out and about and people ask about it (and email when it's late) and that's heady stuff. So last night we had an all cast/crew meeting (the two of us) to discuss the directions that we'll be taking such as storylines and what's going where and other fun surprises.

So thank you to all, each and every Wednesday and Saturday and days in between for sharing this ride with us. Because it's cool. And we're gonna start to cook. Can feel it. And you were all here for the beginning of it all. Course, it'll be pretty funny for me to read this if we tank, right? :-)

Final notes: Go check out The Jar. I'll wait here. No, wait, you can stay there. Because it's cool.