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Strip for 3/7/2001  
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Breaking the boundaries of our strip... that's Lia for you. To meet her in more detail, check out the cast page.

Sil and I have both known Lia since freshman year but from completely different avenues. I performed improv with her and Sil had classes with her. Anyway, um, can't think of much else to say except that the girl is loud. Yeah. Hence the humor in this strip. We like her. Hope you do too.

On the other end of this blurble... today I decided that enough was enough and I set about trying to hit 350K points on Elysium Alps in SSX. I got 316K and I would have gotten it if I hadn't flubbed a landing with a 5x multiplier when I tried for one more rotation on a trick.

I'm going to be really sorry when I hit the slopes over Spring Break and stay locked to the ground, unlike my SSX avatar.

What an amazing game. Definitely the best reason to have waited in line in the cold outside of Best Buy on that October night, long ago.

On other notes... my Rurouni Kenshin fighting game came today but it's sitting in the mail room because I didn't get home during normal working hours. My modded PSX is sitting here, just waiting. But alas. I think I should watch 8 episodes in a row in order to get myself psyched for this.


Life note: finals begin next week. I don't think I've ever been so glad to see a quarter end.

Health note: contact lenses like to be enzymed once a week. Otherwise, they do this funky glaze thing that makes staying awake in class and in the car very difficult.