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Strip for 3/28/2001  
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I don't know whether to call them good sports or English impaired, but we've gotten a reverse link from Cybiko themselves. While we're not Scrubs.com, like they say, we're incredibly flattered that they consider us to be some of the "world's best publications" which gave them one of "over 743,000,000+ impressions." Which leads me to wonder, who's begging for whose attention?

Following another link from that page, if you really want to know more about Cybiko, check out this much better researched than this comic article from the Guardian here.

In other news, we're adapting to the new quarter. Slowly, surely, but it's coming. I'm taking a class in Java and XML so perhaps I'll XMLify Scrubs as my class project.

OS X is also here. It's spiff, but I'm doing this news post in OS 9 right now. Why? Because I hate change. Hate it. Also because OS X really makes my machine show its age while OS 9 is nice and zippy. I think that's reason enough to keep it old school for a little while, at least until my UNIX skillset grows. I tried OS X on a G4 533 today and oh drool, it was so fast. Thing is, I need to be the guru on this OS for my job. I also need to use its Java goodness for my Java class (unless I move development to traitor).

Speaking of traitor, the monitor I have hooked up to it is starting to give me headaches. It's developed a shake that used to come and go but now has taken root. I thought it was the dorm's electrical system not giving our room the rich amperage it deserves (since TV, lights, the Mac, CD player, speakers, subwoofer, PS2, fridge, etc take up more than their fair share of the floor's power). But I've moved it around and it still shakes so I'm of the opinion that I really shouldn't skimp on monitors anymore. You do indeed get what you pay for. Will I learn? Probably not. If anyone has a spare 17" monitor to donate to the cause of kicking butt at NOLF and Bejeweled, let me know. I'd be interested in buying it.

Speaking of Bejeweled, did you hear that Tycho's no longer linking webcomics? Just when I was getting up the courage to tell him about Scrubs and the inspiration PA was to us. Oh well, whatever. I don't think the server could survive a link from PA anyway. I'm just under bandwidth limits for the month (avg 100 MB a day) so fingers crossed and we'll be able to stay at this level of service for a while.

This is long and I'm sleepy.