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Strip for 3/21/2001  
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Spring Break was great! Sil and I and 2 other friends went skiing in Colorado. It kicked butt. Anyway, we're wiped out from the last portion of the trip (which was harrowing) but we're back, safe, sound, sleepy.

As for skiing... wow, has it been a long time since Kip has skied or what? I was OK in the sense of getting down any surface of the mountain OK, but my form resembled not the graceful smooth circles of my roommate but the angled screechings of something much less nimble.

As for Sil, she intelligently took a lesson on the first day and so did pretty well. She didn't go down the crazy powder and moguls that I threw myself down (only fell 3 times the entire week, and never any bad falls!) I waited until the last day to do mine because I felt I was not improving on my own. Did I improve? Yes. Did anyone else notice? Not really.

So anyway, please please be patient. The Cybiko storyline will continue. And we still love you readers, every one.



This is going to be short because long news blurbs are hell to put into the JavaScript. Oh yeah, like how the page has changed? You can easily spoof the thing by changing the date on your computer.

Which is a shame because I really have spots to say about this strip. When I got to school, I thought I'd be the cutest thing these engineering girls had ever seen but that didn't really end up working compared to these huge and handsome CS majors.

Finally, Hans and Franz. Who didn't love those guys? I'm glad they were around in the days before all SNL sketches were made into terrible movies.

Anyway, enjoy, and we'll be back on email. Saturday's strip will be a little late (perhaps a day) but hopefully it'll be worth the wait.