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Strip for 6/30/2001  
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Your eyes do not deceive you. It's still Scrubs up there.

Welcome to the first ever guest strip. This one's rendered by Kid Sinister. I was so happy when he emailed me asking to help out about 2 months ago. After some conferring with Sil, we struck up a deal and whammo, here we go. He'd love some feedback on his style. So send him some praise, people. And if you don't, no worries, he assures me that he's got his asbestos suit on.

The writing... still me. :-) Send your complaints here.

Other milestones hit... this is the 51st strip. 50 behind, not sure how many ahead, but thank you everyone for making me feel like we're doing something worthwhile here at Scrubs.

And don't worry, Sil will return, when she gets back into the country.

So I've settled into my routines here at work. It's pretty sad: I work and then go home. At home, I eat constantly, watch TV, read a cookbook (haven't cooked anything yet, but I will. I'm vowing). Play the Gameboy. You know. I did laundry last night. What an exciting life, huh? I'm sure it'll pick up soon (like when my first paycheck comes or when I turn 21 in August) but for now, it's pretty dull.

I finished American Gods. Wow. Wee. Wowie. I really liked this book. Even better than Neverwhere, because the world was so much more real instead of starting with the fantasy world and putting elements of reality in. I got sucked in (and that's probably why I was happy to spend time on the couch while at home in the apartment) and now that it's over, I'm sad. Cookbooks just aren't as entertaining (although I am indebted to my cousin for getting me a beginner's cookbook in the first place).

Song time: Another They Might Be Giants song. It's called Ana Ng.

listen to this song.

I am headed to San Francisco again this weekend so hopefully I'll be more exciting in Wednesday's blurb.