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Strip for 7/14/2001  
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OK, OK, this one was a straight steal. I admit it. But look at the words, the words! I'm not kidding this is really the way things go when Sil and I discuss what we'd like to do with our lives.

We (this is the apartment "we") started shooting the movie last night and I must say, the power of being a director has gone straight to my head. "Do the fall again!" I say and my roommate who is the main character has to fall. Or I can say, "Hm, I'm not sure about the fall..." and he'll come over to take a look and say, "I'm not happy with it either. Let me do it again!" Win win for me. :-) I better not say more, in case he reads this. At least, not until the film is finished.

Films I want to see: The Score, Final Fantasy (Yeah, I've seen some of the bad reviews, but I just have to support it, you know? Like when I bought Street Fighter Collection for the PSX. Exact same thing.), Cats & Dogs (see previous note). The long and short of it is that critics have to be negative. The Simpsons where Homer becomes food critic shows this better than my imperfect words could ever convey, so I'll just cite that and leave it there.

I think we've watched 20-30 episodes of the Simpsons since moving in. It's on at 6 and then for a full hour at 11, every night. And during the first weekend we were here, there was a marathon! It was intense. So now we reference Simpsons in many different daily activities, and pepper our speech with quotes. Sad, but it's a stronger cultural bond than Sesame Street...

At work, an HR guy sent out an email to a large group of interns asking for our resumes again. I thought this was strange, since that was sort of necessary for being hired and the only thing that's changed for most of us is a new entry: Apple Intern. This girl dutifully sent in her resume, as requested, but she hit reply to all. So we all know her GPA, work experience and skills. I'm tempted to put "Unable to use email properly" and resend it out but I've done stupid email things in the past too...

The song for today is Fallen Angel. Not the TMBG song, but by a group called Alphaville. Europop. My brother brought this CD home from his first or second summer at CTD and so I thought that it was super duper cool. Still do, but more for the nostalgia. Ah, Europop.