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Strip for 8/18/2001  
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Oh, the chaos that ensues when Kip gets that flash of interest in his eyes... Things that I noticed and liked: the splashing cup in the 3rd panel... the head pat in the 4th. Wow. Sil amazes me time and time again with these strips!

This update comes to you piping hot from my brand new iBook. Yes, the little white bundle of joy (warmer, friendlier) has finally arrived. Yesterday, I logged onto the Fed Ex website and checked the package and lo and behold! It had been delivered. I ran over to the Shipping and Receiving department. They told me there that the iBook had already gone over to my building. So I ran back. Couldn't find the package guy.

Instead, we went to this talk about what went into the design of the iBook and it really made me glad to have one. Got back after the talk and picked it up from downstairs. Oh, the joy. Joyous joy. I think having a laptop is really going to change how I do things. For example, I'm typing this outside on the grass. The sun is going down and I'm connected wirelessly... I'll be uploading soon at pretty good speeds... I need wireless next year. This I know.

So, on to less geeky musings. I turn 21 on the 19th. Very exciting... My other best friend is out here visiting for the weekend and he will help out with the corruption of Kip. More details when details happen.

Finally, thanks to you guys who sent me emails about Wednesday's self chastisement. I'm feeling better now, but more importantly, I think the party I wronged is also feeling slightly better towards me. I think I'm on probation and headed towards guarded forgiveness.

This computer's so neat! I got a sleeve for it to protect it from dirt and stuff in my bag. And my trusty backpack which has lasted since freshman year of high school is finally giving up the ghost in the most important part: the zipper. So I ordered a new bag (with my best friend's help since he's much better at colors than me). This bag is almost as sweet as the iBook... It's custom made with lots of doohickeys. And colors. And stuff.