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Strip for 8/22/2001  
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quick note: looks like my rigorous summer workout regime doesn't equip me enough to handle every situation. Especially given the trend, some things are simply impossible to prepare for...=)


I think we all knew that exercise is pretty high on the list of things you won't find Kip doing very often... Another thing you won't see very often is Kip in shorts. Even here in the California sun, I'm sticking with my khakis. You will, however, see Sil faint when she gives blood and she's not feeling well.

The word bubble in panel 3 is the coolest thing I've seen in ages.

So, onto life news. I'm 21 now. Turned 21 on Sunday. Saturday night was the first night I've been clubbing and it was pretty sweet. Usually I'm very self conscious about dancing but for some reason (COOH), I didn't really care on Saturday as to how I looked. It was a great night. A real night to remember. I just wish I could remember more of it.

Kidding, kidding. I remember lots of it. Evidently I'm a mad crazy dancer, but that part's the only bit that's fuzzy.

Plus, the friends I've made here are awesome. They really took care of me and made sure I had a good time. Plus, my best friend from childhood was out here for the weekend. It was the best weekend I've had out here yet.

They had these firedancers onstage at the club. Everyone else in the place was just standing there amazed. I was so out of it, I was dancing and grooving and shouting, "Hey! Fire! Hey!". Heh.

Fun as it was, I'm not sure if I'd enjoy clubbing on a regular basis. I know a bunch of people who've turned 21 and then gone out every weekend and every night and just burned out on it. I think I'll keep it as a thing you'll see Kip do sometimes.

So, today (actually the 21st, but I'm updating early as usual for this summer), Farman turns 21. The site of tonight's big bash: Chuck E. Cheese's (flash required). You know, my favorite part of that place used to be the ball room but now I hear that kids pee there and they never wash the plastic balls. Urban legend? Freak occurences? Please, someone, restore my faith in the gentle youthful innocence of the ball room!

So, I've been bonding more with the iBook and it's been gravy except for yesterday when the thing decided to up and kill my OS 9 partition. It started flashing these little warning boxes in the background that the disk should be repaired but I thought to myself, "These are just yellow boxes. If it really wanted me to do something, it would make the warning box modal." On my trusty Beige G3 DT, I would just fix, grin and bear it, but since this is so new, I blew away the 9 partition and re setup everything. It was actually good to do because when I first got it, I set up some prefs that I didn't like but was too lazy to change. Now, things are spiff. Except that I don't trust the safety of my data. I'm running diagnostics like they were going out of style, and I'm thinking of a different partition scheme that will make backing up much simpler.

Is the blush of first laptop love gone? Hopefully not. We'll see. Nothing like having your first major crash 3 days into ownership to scare you. to be fair, I was running one suspect control panel. Now I'm trying to imagine living without this faithful friend.

Link time: Thanks to kiba at kibathediva.net for her kind words about both Scrubs and the girl stories.