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Strip for 8/25/2001  
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Hi everybody,

Once again, typing this wirelessly. Hey, how about that guest strip!?! This one comes from Aric Campling, the artist for H.O.S.E.R.S. So head on over there and give him some love and hits, people.

I do have a date tonight, but this strip was written long long ago. It seemed appropriate to run this today, however.

For those of you who ask, "How do I get into this whole Scrubs guest strip thing?" I'll tell you. I give everyone this strip to see how they render us. This one was different enough that I wanted to run it.

Alrighty, in Kip's life, things are going well again. We demoed our project not 2 hours ago and things were OK, besides 2 embarassing crashes, which thankfully were not in my part of the code. I haven't done much for the previous part of the week, but today's demo made us put pedal to the metal and we put in some really cool things that people were wanting and we were balking at doing.

Friday was another beer bash here at Apple. I'm legal to drink now! Spiffy, huh? I didn't get wasted or anything (that's considered truly truly bad form) but it was nice to be able to have some wine. Although everyone older kept asking for my ID, as a joke.

My messenger bag arrived! This thing is huge. Well, the two girls who've seen it have remarked that it's rather large. But see, it's about the same size as the backpack it replaces. I love it though, because I used my side pockets in my backpack a lot... and this bag has so many pockets. I'm still not sure exactly the best way to wear it (and I can't seem to find pictures online!) but hey, I'm still getting into it. I love this bag. Get one. :-) Get it custom. Oh yeah, custom. While you're at it, get a sleeve from SFBags. These guys were so nice. They emailed my friend to save him 4$ on shipping and they sent me a personal email receipt. How much does that happen in this day and age?

Oh, I have a new IM name set up for anyone who wants to chat... it's "ScrubsKip." See you online, in a more interactive format!