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Strip for 9/1/2001  
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It's September already? Yow.

So, this strip is special. I was thinking back on how traveled this bag is. It's been to Malaysia and Singapore twice, the Netherlands (briefly), Tokyo (also briefly), Italy, Spain twice, Austria, Canada, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Tennessee. That's impressive.

So it's not like it was easy to decide to get a new bag. As the zipper broke more and more often, so did my heart. sniff sniff. But now there's the messenger bag. And while it's still exciting and new for now, we'll see if it can last on my shoulder... and in my heart. :-)

So the IM experiment has gone really well. I've met some incredibly cool people (you know who you are ;-) )How is it possible that you readers are so cool? It almost doesn't seem fair to hog all this coolness. Here are some links. Go forth and spread that cool, people.

Microcosm - life on a smaller scale. There's a bit of a gap in the archive, but I like the old strips a lot.

Alllooksame - thanks to roommate Khai for this link. We both scored 8/12 on the test.

I'm headed up to SF again this weekend for my last weekend in California (for a while). I've been sent on a mission by my father and that's to get him this dried pork stuff in Chinatown. Seeing as my mom and cousin and I had problems getting the stuff last time, it's going to be be really interesting trying to get it again, without a native speaker along for the trip. Anyway, my cousin is taking me out since she missed my birthday celebration 2 weeks ago. Will I survive? We'll see... we'll see.

The train ride up to SF is no longer a total drag, thanks to the iBook. It's about an hour and a half ride, not counting the time I spend waiting for the train in the first place. Just enough time for a light DVD. I watched Toy Story 2 the last time I went up. I can also catch up on email on the way, as well as play Tony Hawk or Candy Crisis. And while the emulator issue is rather thorny, is it OK that I have a copy of Puzzle Fighter for the PSX? Isn't it slightly OK that I play the ROM on my iBook?

Song time: Hey, it's been a while! This one is from the Pernice Brothers and it's called Working Girls. Ah, depressing lyrics with a sunny melody. My favorite.