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Strip for 9/5/2001  
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Don't get it? Remember this strip? Everyone wants the same thing. :-)

So it's my last day of work here at Apple. I can unequivocably say that this is the best job I've ever had. And yet, it's time to go. I dreamed about moving into the apartment so... I guess that means my subconscious is ready to roll.

So, speaking of consciousness... here's my summer in disconnected fragments of sentences.

GBA, SF, my cousin, BATS, Dungeness crab on the wharf, the Metreon, my backpack, the MUNI map, dim sum, SuiteAmerica, Christian, Brian, Target bikes, Safeway, "Where's Khai?", Frisbee, "There's Khai", orientation, Acura Legend, video cameras, Caltrain, Chinatown, my parents, Sparky, the project, Keaka, pre keynote UT, sleepy, Kepler's and Nick Hornby, the long walk in the dark, Intern - The Trailer, pho, Orange County, business cards, Farman, Red Zeppelin, beer bashes, bacon, Bok Choi Boys, The SIMPSONS!, Mazie, birthday bash, the Kuwie weekend, "I want my freakin' iBook!", no free stuff on the tour, lunch, AIM, even more UT, "Don't get me wrong", sushi, SushiZilla, Sugam on Keyboards, 4 out of 5 women prefer Khai, burn this!, taking out the trash, Golfland, Dave and Buster's, the Silent Scope addiction, Great America, the bored mean look on Asian girls, Java reference pages, "Keyboard, please.", "Dan Preston? / What's his last name? / Dan Preston?", birthdays at TGI Fridays, Krispy Kreme, Happy Donut, Slonie and Graphite Stage, the Flyin' Hawaiian, "It's nothing glorious", 1/2 off cheesesteaks, Blind Date, swag, Wyder's, boba, Gilroy Garlic Festival, traffic sucks!, Ranch 99 Market, the Creamery, Shoreline, the date, the logs, eek!, "You lazy!", "Aw pinchy", and of course, the most important thing: "jess!".

That was in sorta slightly chronological order, but I got distracted near the end. Anyone finish all that? Whew!

I did one of those word running on for a while things when I finished my last year at CTD. Does it make any sense to me now? Sure! Sorta. Will this make sense to me later? Um, sure.

I was supposed to update my address but I lost my access to the application to allow me to do so. It felt like I've been cut off. I need to take one last stroll through the Store to use my discount before it goes away.

And now... the very first guest blurb ever, from my good friend Farman. I wasn't expecting to meet so many cool people this summer, but F-Dog and the others juked around my expectations. I love these guys. And that's not just the Midori sour I had at dinner talking, or the PowerPuff necklace they got for me at Chuck E. Cheese.


Mmm... Anime-licious!

I had two separate Kip-related events this summer, the first being introduced to Kip himself, and the second becoming a fan of Scrubs. I'll start with the latter since the former is more dramatically appropriate at the end of this blurb :).

Scrubs is a webcomic which is as "supa" as it is "fly". I'd say the best part about it is it's subtle realism, but with a 16-ton anvil of "funny" hitting you just when you think its going to get too sappy. I'm a fan for life.

On to Kip.

Today is Kip's last day here at Apple, and I don't know what the summer would have been like without him. Kip is as kool as his scrubs character would suggest, but with a dash more "smooth" and a heavy (but welcome) heaping of "geek". I don't know how I'm going to deal without his incessant whining about women and life, and teaming up with him for joint "insult Khai" sessions. I swear if Kip, Khai, and Christian could come over once a day and perform the little boy band dance from their intern iMovie, I would be a happy happy boy.

Take care Kip, hope to see you again soon.

Just another Scrub,