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Strip for 9/29/2001  
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Wonderful, attractive women with boyfriends... hurt.

However, since I'm a masochist, it makes sense that I get into this situation frequently. It seems like everyone worth dating is dating someone already. So what does this tacitly imply for those of us not dating? Sigh.

So let's consider this situation some more. Some people say that it's better if the other person in question is dating someone really great, so that you can at least be happy for them. I say that it takes a strong person in unrequited love to handle that situation well. I say it's much better if they're dating someone you can dislike so that it gives you an excuse to avoid them as a couple. Which is painful, let's remember.

Regarding the art... look! Action lines! I got really addicted to the pen tool. Maybe one day, I'll actually use it to make good looking art.

I'm currently waiting for my router to arrive. Once it comes, all of our computers will be happily connected to the network. Then I'll be able to play the Return to Wolfenstein demo that everyone's talking about. Right now the iBook is sucking up all the bandwidth. And loving it.

Update: It came! I plugged it in. It worked. How sweet it is.

I really have not much more to talk about. I would go on at length about my Asian Americn lit class and my feelings on that or on new developments with "Gina" but really I don't want to jinx anything.

So I'll just point you to linky goodness:

The Makeshift Miracle - I'm a little late to this linking party, but if you haven't seen this yet, I think that it's quite worth the click. This is a strip that needs to be read from the beginning. Which is easy right now, so, go to the beginning.

The geek report: OS 10.1 will be mine very soon! Very excited. Another Machead and I are headed out to Woodfield early in the morning to the Apple Store. So if you see a sleepy Asian guy there, it's probably me.

-kip, with fingers crossed.