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Strip for 10/6/2001  
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This is strip #2 from GilderGamer. The real Sil probably wouldn't care if we had a slew of visitors from off the street, so I guess this means that the strip Sil persona I've been writing isn't that true to life. But we've discussed this before.

It is a little strange to hear my avatar saying things that I haven't written, so if I seem a little weirded out, it's due to that. Sil remarked on that when I started writing the strips about her in Amsterdam, so I guess I know how it feels now...

Because even if we aren't really us in the strip, I still think there's some vested interest in keeping the characters based on us. Because people think they know me, based on what I write and how I appear. People think they know Sil. And I guess in some sense, they do. It makes me wonder how well I really know the people I meet through AIM and email. You put your best face forward (or at least I do). I guess if we could all be made up of our best faces, life'd be pretty swell.

Just saw Training Day with Rick. We had a drink beforehand and it took a while so we had to sit in the first row. Neck hurts. Oh, but about the drink... I think all movie theaters need nice upscale bars in them. The movie itself is pretty cool. Much better than the Replacement Killers which was only saved by Chow Yun Fat's hardened glare and Mira Sorvino's... um, Mira's anything.

Most of my last few meals have been from the Foreman grill. I'm not ashamed.

Link time:

I'm not a Dragonball Z fan, but if I were, I'd love this Flash movie. As it is, I've seen one or two episodes on Toonami, so I kinda got some jokes. Slonie says it's funny though. So I'll trust him.

Did you see Sony ripping off my cute little iBook? Do any PC manufacturers have original case designs? Speaking of my iBook, it went nuts the other day, believing that the Option key was continually down. Turns out the cable was not seated properly. Perhaps this has been my problem with the iBook insomnia (it doesn't sleep when I really need it to do so).