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Strip for 5/1/2002  
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What does it all mean? Heck if I know.

Sil loves snowglobes. I'd get her some, but I'm usually finding nice ones when I'm on vacation and I don't really want to carry a heavy, fragile, waterfilled object around. And plastic snowglobes are tacky.

Some days, I feel like someone's grabbed me and shaken me up down and around, just to see what I do to pick up everything that's flying around, like a man in a metaphorical money booth, trying to hold onto what he thinks is his.

Hi all you readers from Self Insert. I almost dropped the laptop when I saw the number of people who went through the entire archive in the past two days or so. Color me impressed with the quality of readers, or maybe just the amount of people who have 3 hours or so to spare reading the whole big swat of text that's accumulated over the last year and a half.

Thanks for the fan mail too! I'm working on responding to it all, as is Sil.

I finished Alan Moore's From Hell yesterday. Now I'm reading the appendix, which is almost more interesting than the book. It was a hard book to read. Sometimes, I'd try to just look for word balloons. The murder scenes were challenging. Anyway, I got this book from the library, and I'm all for free access to reading material, especially comics. But I don't know if I could have handled this book 10 years ago. Finally, I never saw the movie, but I hear that it's not as good as the book (fancy that). I don't see how they could think they could translate the work. The visions especially and the final death scene... hard stuff to parse, conceptually.

I was looking for Ben Kweller lyrics on the web, and I found Song Meanings. I like the service a lot. I haven't posted anything yet, but I'm looking forward to bumping up their Magnetic Fields quantities.

I had a dream the other night about this great idea for a comic strip to do next year but then I lost it. I had the distinct feeling that it was something I could draw on my own, so I'm thinking that it was a dream and I just had the feeling like I had a good idea, rather than the idea itself.

Which is a good segue into this announcement... Scrubs is ending. Not tomorrow, not on Saturday, but when we graduate. I didn't want to say anything before, and turn this into an X-Files like "final episodes!" promotion. It's just what's happening. We're almost done with college (we can count the weeks on a hand, almost) and Scrubs was very much a college thing to do. I like the idea of leaving Scrubs as a completed story, rather than something that just petered off. So that's what we're going to do, finish the Kil and Sip storyline and then wrap the rest of it up.

See you at the end. Those of you who are late to the party, glad you made it.