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Strip for 5/8/2002  
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Yeah, it was too good to last. Back to normal! It's so much easier to mock oneself when the aspects you find distasteful in yourself are given to someone else. At least, that's what I found writing this storyline.

So, last night was supposed to be my storytelling debut at Uncommon Ground, as I mentioned two weeks ago. However, due to my inability to read schedules correctly (and an incorrect listing elsewhere) I showed up at the coffeeshop to find that everyone else was there to see live local music. So I got introduced to the music of Katie Todd and two of her rotating band members. I really got into Katie Todd's set, more so than the other people. I satand had dinner and tried to write the last strips of Scrubs, but as I was feeling sort of embarrassed over going down there on the wrong day, the strips were all about feeling outcast and stuff.

Which I shouldn't have been feeling at all. I think I need to do more things alone, and feel more comfortable doing things alone. I think an older version of me would have just left upon finding out that the event I thought would happen was indeed not happening. I can't really be that proud of staying, since there was no cover and the rest of the audience radiated such vibes of good will. I think in high school, I would have chalked something like that up to an experience so if nothing else, college has provided me with enough memorable occasions that it takes something truly surreal to be an experience. As it was, this was a nice change of pace. And a wakeup call that I should be going out of my immediate area, finding music and the like. Having experiences.

Anyway, next week is going to be my first night storytelling off campus. Really. It's going to happen.

Link time.

I'm reading Tom Robbin's Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates. The only other Tom Robbin's work I'd glanced through was Jitterbug Perfume, which was adapted for a stage production here at school a couple years ago. I liked the show, but only flipped through the book in the stores. My sis got this other one a month or two ago and lent it to me.

Jeanette told me about this band called Stereo Total. You can find them on AudioGalaxy. The music is mildly electronic pop, sung in English, French, and German.

I started looking at video game companies as places to work. I know that Midway's still in Chicago. Does anyone know about any more development houses in the area? Sigh, too bad Bungie moved to Redmond...