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Strip for 11/10/2001  
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K, I've had enough empathy and sympathy! Thank you all who've been concerned about me the past week, but I swear, I'm OK now, really. Special thanks to Kim, who told me that the girl who didn't call was not someone worth getting worked up over (she knows her, this isn't just random nastiness).

So, yeah, I'm done with that, and in a larger sense, I think Scrubs needs to be less about the destruction of the sensitive man by women. It was a fun note to play for a while, but I think it's getting a wee bit stale and you readers deserve more than my angst over women, when there's so much more angst about college life to be had. But old habits are hard to change, which is also what this particular strip is about.

In the months since Sil has been gone, Scrubs has become more and more of me, which has its good and bad parts. I figure I'll need to tone down the pining for women strips when she comes back and asserts her half of the input and so, I'm trying to make the effort in changing my writing now. Scrubs started out as the story of a best friendship, and I admit that Sil's character has gotten a bit more two dimensional as the real Kip and Sil have been apart longer.

That's not to mean I won't ever write about relationships (and my lack of them), it just means I'm focusing less on it and more on... other things.

Hm. Now what the heck will I write about?

In geek news (always gotta have geek news), Grand Theft Auto 3 is finally here and I have to say that it's 99.9% everything I hoped it would be. The missions still have a lot of "Go here and get this" involved, but I love how the set missions can be completed several ways. I also like causing rampages much more, now that it's harder to get away cleanly than in GTA 1 or 2. Finally, although I'm not very good at using the weapons in this version, it is more realistic. And the lack of body armor is truly sad.

On the jaw dropping side of things: the world of GTA 3 is beautiful. The day/night system, the sky, the rain, the fog, the slo mo jumps, I really love the details in this game. I can't wait for GTA 4 to see even more of this world.

In geeky Scrubs news, we passed 75,000 pageviews on this main page last week sometime, but I didn't check it. Total pages views is something like 250,000. I have to say thanks to everyone who's been with us this far. My wish is to hit 100,000 main page views for our 1 year anniversary. So please, pass us along to your friends who aren't currently reading.

See them (and you) here.