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So, what's with the art?

For those of you readers who don't read the blurbs (although if you are, why did you click over here?), Sil is on break. She's away in Denmark presently and then she'll be in DC for the rest of the summer. She'll be back briefly in September before taking off again for Spain. Wow, huh? Her own words regarding this are below.

What this page is here for is first to explain the reuse of art. I can't draw very well. I think I'm OK with actual art composition and visual flow, but I'm nowhere near patient enough to have developed my own drawing style, you know? So, ever since 5/16, I've been running both sides of Scrubs. I've been taking old art and putting new words, new situations. Characters that have never spoken to each other will converse, old conversations will be revisited, new storylines will unfold... all with mismatched art. It's a wonderful joke to me. I thought some of the fans who've been there since the beginning would appreciate seeing where I took things from.

Current Strip: Art Borrowed From:
5/16/2001: This Sucks Even More 2/14/2001: Valentine's Special #4
5/20/2001: She Who Has No Name 2/3/2001: Net Morality
5/23/2001: She Who Has A Name Now 5/2/2001: Cool Asians #2
5/26/2001: She Has A Familiar Name 2/28/2001: Exercise
5/30/2001: The Void 3/14/2001: The Cybiko Saga #2, 3/21/2001: The Cybiko Saga #4, 3/31/2001: The Cybiko Saga #6
6/2/2001: Dance Club, You Say... 2/21/2001: Rick'll Drive
6/6/2001: The Reason For The Void 3/14/2001: The Cybiko Saga #2, 3/21/2001: The Cybiko Saga #4, 3/31/2001: The Cybiko Saga #6
6/9/2001: Aftermath 2/24/2001: Flip Top, 2/28/2001: Exercise
6/13/2001: Absence 1/3/2001: Cooking Skills
6/16/2001: Standing Out 3/21/2001: The Cybiko Saga #4, 4/4/2001: No Sympathy
6/20/2001: Rick On Relationships #1 2/21/2001: Rick'll Drive, 2/28/2001: Exercise
6/23/2001: Rick On Relationships #2 2/21/2001: Rick'll Drive, 2/28/2001: Exercise
6/27/2001: The Coffee Thing 1/31/2001: She's a Vision
7/14/2001: Life Plan #1 2/17/2001: Phobia
7/18/2001: But You Like The Net 2/3/2001: Net Morality
7/21/2001: Life Plan #2 4/18/2001: Quad Girl Epilogue



The Invisible Sil here. With a long overdue farewell. Here ye shall find the explanation for my mysterious disappearance. No, I was not abducted by aliens. Nor did I spontaneously combust.

I'm actually writing from Copenhagen, where bands of drunk people wearing viking horns and red and white skin paint are roving the sidewalk. I've been told there's a big soccer game here tonight for a slot in the world cup, so I guess that explains their behavior.

The keyboards here are slightly skewed by the addition of bizarre letters with circles and slashes through them, but I'm making a special effort to type this blurb so I can say thanks to everyone who wrote me saying goodbye. ~_~* I was very touched. I'm also taking this opportunity to convey my next six months in a nutshell so that everyone understands that I didn't just ditch poor Kip, leaving him to juggle the strip on his own. Believe me, I feel terrible bailing out while our hits are skyrocketing to numbers heretofore unfathomed by us. But I have faith in Kip, and I think he's been doing a fine job with my limited reservoir of images. Let's give him a hand.

So here's the deal: for the next month I will be in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, on a fellowship, in which I'll be studying historic and contemporary forms of resistance to violations of the human rights of ethnic minorities. I'm returning to the states in July, except I won't be going home to Chicago yet. Instead, I'll be headed straight to Washington DC, where I have an internship at the Center for Strategic and International Studies lined up until mid-September, at which point I hop another plane and fly to Spain. I will be studying abroad in Seville until the end of December.

So that's why I won't be able to illustrate Scrubs for a little while. I'm planning on producing strips during my stay in DC, and perhaps even a few in Spain, but I probably won't be going regular again until January at the earliest. I'll try my best to put out when I can, though, and Kip has a lots of surprises ahead, so stick around! And again, thanks so much for all the support.